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When Christian Dior created his fashion house in 1947, he imagined a new femininity, a total femininity that would lack nothing.
Today, from dresses to accessories, from fragrances to lipstick, up to the most expert skincare, the Dior House enhances the beauty of women, bringing it radiance and modernity.

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Chloé Nomade

Driven by the allure of elsewhere, the nomade woman soars away to new horizons, new encounters. Chloé Nomade asserts a new olfactory voyage for this woman in pursuit of meaning and authenticity.

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Chloé Atelier des Fleurs

A collection of exclusive fragrances celebrating the art of floral composition. Just as you choose your favorite flowers at the florist’s, you compose your olfactive bouquet. Each fragrance lives in harmony, in pairs or in threes, or alone.

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